Holiday Makers in Mpumalanga

By: sross9

Apr 16 2012

Category: mpumalanga


Focal Length:86mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T2i

We are off to South Africa!  My husband, Ian and I are going to visit his family in his homeland.

Along with a family wedding and a high school reunion, our visit will be filled with sight seeing, shared meals, conversation and banter about language differences.  His family’s English is based on their British ancestry and spiced with words from Afrikaans, Swahili, Indian and even Zulu.

SA Language Lesson 1

Mpumalunga – a province in the north east part of South Africa

holiday makers –  travelers on vacation

vaalies – subset of  holiday makers, travelers from the transvaal who typically head for the coast hauling small utility trailers called Venter Trailers

Venter trailers (sounds like fenta)  – a brilliant mini-trailer for holiday makers with too much stuff and too many kids to fit into the car


3 comments on “Holiday Makers in Mpumalanga”

  1. I’m heading to Mpumalanga from New Zealand … looking forward to meeting you, Shelley! Not to mention that I will enjoy following your holiday blog …
    Ann Petersen

  2. Hey Shelley. It looks like we’ll make a South African of you yet. Hee hee!!

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